9W Catcher Light | AgriCatch

The AgriLamp™ Agricatch light bulbs are the ultimate in blue catching lamps for poultry. Emitting light specifically to keep your birds calm during catching periods. Fully dimmable so that you can achieve the best results for your specific needs. Available in ES26/27 and BC fittings just like our 7W and 9W range they incorporate our special super tough glass free lenses.

For a quick and easy permanent installation use our AG Adaptor into a standard armature base.



Features & Benefits

• Low heat, less than 70C

• No UV or IR light radiation

• Instant "ON" to 100% brightness

• No mercury or other inorganics

• Even light distribution

• Aluminium heat fins with excellent thermal efficiency

• Light output equal to 50W incandescent or 70W directional bulb

• Safety Standard: CE approved

• Works with worldwide electrical systems (110V and 230V AC)